Sarah King, Associate
Sarah is a highly motivated professional who can co-ordinate and lead transformational change.
To date she has had the operational responsibility for the delivery of high quality services within
both the acute trust and primary care settings and has developed a strong nursing teams.
Sarah has a proven record of negotiating and delivering changes in existing services and developing new services with the wider MDT.
Sarah  has a reputation for adapting to different environments and settings and has been able to identify the key priorities for improvement and development in these areas. 
Sarah has worked with Facere Melius on the following assignments:
  • Root Cause Analysis training
Sarah has also worked independently on:
  • Senior Nurse for the Alexandra Hospital Site WHAT - Leading the Trust response to the COVID pandemic waves 1 and 2.
  • Member of the Bronze and Silver Command and Control structure
  • Led staff briefings – with frequency dependant on situation to keep all staff informed of the
    current status and appraised of changes required
  • Led the Surgical Divisional Response to the COVID pandemic
  • Daily staff briefing in response to the changing situation
  • Flexibly changing the use of wards/Departments in response to COVID demand
  • Establishing a COVID free ‘purple’ pathway to ensure high priority patient could have surgery and commence/continue treatment
  • Divisional Lead for CQC
  • Implementing the new pathway for countywide surgical emergencies
  • Improving patient experience and the surgical pathway by setting up and opening a surgical admissions unit and Surgical Decisions Unit
  • Development of a governance assurance dashboard for inpatient services – CQC & NHSLA assurance
  • Lead for the winter capacity ward – refurbishment, workforce planning & operational management
  • Lead nurse for the Trust on the Birmingham & Black Country Cardiac Network project – Primary Percutaneous Intervention Service
  • Obtained funding from the Neonatal Network to pilot the new role of Neonatal Support
    Worker in the trust