Facere Melius (FM) has a strong track record of working successfully with organisations in governance. We now offer an alternative to an interim solution. Using our associates we can provide a flexible governance service to organisations.

Short term projects

  • Refresh a board assurance framework

  • Cleansing of risk registers

  • Governance relating to a new partnership or merger

  • Developing a new risk management strategy and policy

  • Annual Governance Statement and other annual publication

  • Refresh the risk management system

  • Board to ward governance systems

  • Refresh of governance related policies

Fixed term cover

  • Cover for planned sickness absence or maternity leave

  • Additional capacity to cover unplanned absence

  • 3, 6 or 12 month SLA full service provision (made up from things below)

Annual full service provision

  • Management of board papers including drafting an agenda

  • Quality assurance checks of board papers

  • Minutes of board and sub-committees meetings, manage action logs

  • Board/Company secretary support and advisory

  • Monthly refresh of the corporate risk register

  • Quarterly review of the board assurance framework

  • Additional support with audit, remuneration and nominations committee

  • Support periodic elections for public, staff, governors and governing body members

  • Management of the scheme of delegation, standing orders, reservation of powers and standing financial instructions

  • Management and update of the trust constitution

  • Maintain trust license, submit self-certification (foundation trusts)

  • Maintain the trust assurance map

  • Maintain the; register of interests, conflicts of interest and fit, proper person processes and associated policies

  • Manage the cycle of business for trust

  • Manage the trust membership database, updating the membership strategy

  • Manage communication with governors

  • Manage the board development programme

Our Experience

We have supported several organisations to improve their governance these have included; NHS organisations, Independent healthcare organisations and charities.