Inquest support for staff

We have experience of supporting and preparing staff who have been asked to give evidence at an HM Coroners inquest as a witness. We can give personal one to one support or as a group in order to equip staff for the legal process.

How we can help

FM has experience of supporting and preparing staff for inquest:

  • review the case in detail with the staff member

  • discuss possible key lines of enquiry

  • explain the court process

  • attend coroners inquest

Our approach

Unfortunately when a death occurs, NHS staff may be called to give evidence at inquest to give their expertise or their involvement in that persons care and treatment. The HM Coroner's court is a legal court and this may cause anxiety for all involved. We can prepare staff before they attend, by assisting with their witness statements, reports and in preparation for their attendance at court.


We offer one to one advice service or in a group setting, turning personal experience into informative direction and guidance.