Patient Safety Course Tutors

About  Jane Carthey

Dr Carthey was previously Assistant Director of Patient Safety (South) and Head of Research at the National Patient Safety Agency, where she led work on being open and safety culture. She also previously worked at the Health and Safety Laboratory in Sheffield. Her PhD research explored teamwork, communication and decision making during simulated nuclear emergency exercises.

Jane maintains an active research portfolio and has published research on human factors and surgical outcomes, identifying system failures that lead to adverse drug events, incident reporting, organisational safety culture, procedural non-compliance and improving Hospital at Night handovers.


She has expertise carrying out governance reviews in healthcare organisations and working with NHS Boards to improve their safety culture. She also has extensive experience working with doctors, nurses, allied healthcare professionals and executive directors on implementing human factors, being open, incident investigation and quality improvement innovations.

About Darren Thorne


Darren is a recognised leader in Quality, Safety and Governance, he has chaired national networks in Clinical Effectiveness, Audit and Governance and has previously provided professional advisory services to national bodies including the healthcare regulator, national patient safety agencies and the national clinical audit programme.


Darren works closely with clients on quality, safety and governance turnaround. He has previously worked with the Good Governance Institute and his last substantive role in the NHS was leading planning and transformation services supporting 14 CCGs across central southern England.


Darren has a unique blend of NHS management, commercial consultancy and pharmaceutical experience, he set up his own business in 2011 after leaving his NHS Chief Officer post. Since then Darren has helped commercial providers establish CQC registration, supported CCGs in London through establishment as part of the London pathfinder programme, worked closely with the Pharmaceutical industry to improve its relationships with the NHS Market.


Darren’s passion is helping organisations improve, this ranges from special measures and legal directions through to providing innovative solutions to enable organisations to be the best they can be.


Darren is also qualified in applying the psychometric tool, Clarity 4D, to help individuals understand their preferred styles and how they might related to others with different styles in both their work and personal lives.