Our Quality Improvement offer is provided in partnership with Unity Transformation Services.

Introducing Quality Improvement Programmes to improve patient care and meet regulatory compliance. You need to ensure that your staff are engaged at every step of your Continuous Improvement journey.


“How are service continuously improved and sustainably ensured?”1


Time, Resources and Staffing are all perceived barriers to change, however, by enhancing your ways of working and developing a culture of Continuous Improvement, will result in delivering efficient and effective services while providing first-class patient-centred care.


How we can help

Facere Melius working with our Quality Improvement partner Unity Transformation Services can support healthcare providers by: 

  • Redesigning and improving clinical and non-clinical processes to ensure services are safe and effective

  • Streamlining patient flow from initial referral through to patient discharge providing responsive and caring patient experiences

  • Engaging and empowering staff to make a difference through workshops and training in Quality Improvement Methodology

  • Supporting Senior Management with Cultural Change Programmes ensuring organisations are Well-led at both strategic and operational levels

  • Embedding compliance into the culture so it becomes part of the day job and not just part of the inspection.

“The leadership drives continuous improvement and staff are accountable for delivering change.”1

The QI Hub

Implementing a QI Hub will help you achieve your organisational objectives whilst:

  • Engaging and Empowering your staff

  • Ensuring Compliance with Regulatory and Professional Bodies

  • Provide better Governance, Direction and Coordination of Transformation Programmes and Quality Improvement Projects

  • Improving clinical care and patient experience

  • Facilitating learning from experience

“In what ways do leaders and staff strive for continuous learning, improvement and innovation?”1

We work collaboratively from ‘Board to Ward’ to support the implementation of the QI Hub methodology, aligning the QI proprieties to the organisational objective. We work with you and train your people to ensure long-term sustainability.


Our experience

Below are some examples of Facere Melius and Unity Transformation Services achievements:


  • Implemented quality improvement programme including training all staff and delivering over 50 QI projects - Foundation Trust Hospital NHS 

  • Regulatory compliance turnaround in Safety and Well-led domains leading to a positive regulatory inspection

  • Care and Support - Partnership Community Interest Company

  • Introduced a single approach to quality improvement across clinical and service improvement - University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

  • Completed end to end review of clinical admin processes from initial referral through to patient discharge - Hospital NHS Trust

  • Implemented an RTT recovery programme using QI methodology reducing to below the 18-week target - Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


  1. CQC Provider Handbook