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Right to Life
(article 2) Investigations

Facere Melius can support ‘article 2’ right to life investigations of deaths in custody in two ways; the provision of clinical reviewers and independent investigators.

The details

The role of the Independent Advisory Panel on Deaths in Custody (IAPDC), a non-departmental public body co-sponsored by the Ministry of Justice, Home Office and Department of Health and Social Care, is to provide independent advice and expertise to the Ministerial Board on Deaths in Custody - with the central aim of preventing deaths in custody.

Clinical reviewers

FM has several clinical specialists in its network and can offer a holistic clinical review offer to independent investigators.


Case Example

A male prisoner in custody has a history of mental health issues and substance misuse. His propensity for violence toward prison officers increases over the duration of a few months, and he takes his own life in the act of suicide by hanging.


In this scenario, a clinical review across several specialists would be required to get a holistic view of care and treatment. Healthcare patient safety specialist and investigator Kay would review the records and identify the necessary clinicians to undertake the clinical review, and these could include;


  • mental health nurse consultant Lesley would consider risk assessments, care planning and care given

  • forensic psychiatrist Neil would review the treatment given

  • paramedic Duncan would review the emergency care provided at the index incident

  • substance misuse, Cheryl would consider the treatment and care and rehabilitation

  • general Practitioner Holly would consider the primary healthcare needs of the patient


FM will coordinate all specialist reviews and provide either individual reports from each specialist or a single report from all specialists. All of the clinical reviewers are charged at the same rate, with the exception of medical specialists, where an individual rate applies.


Specialists available but not detailed in the case study include;

  • appointed mental health practitioner (amhp)

  • senior police adviser, former detective chief superintendent with nationally and international experience in public protection (safeguarding, homicides, custody etc)

  • medical specialist include;




Independent Investigators

FM can provide highly experienced independent investigators from the following fields:

  • Custody

  • Criminal justice

  • Mental Health

  • Law enforcement

  • Public protection

  • Safeguarding

  • Social Care

  • Substance misuse and addiction


FM can be commissioned through a public sector framework. Organisations that can direct award include:

  • NHS bodies

  • Ambulance services

  • Councils, including county councils, district councils, county borough councils, community councils, London borough councils, unitary councils, metropolitan councils, parish councils

  • Educational bodies or establishments including state schools (nursery schools, primary schools, middle or high schools, secondary schools, special schools), academies, colleges, Pupil Referral Unit (PRU), further education colleges and universities

  • Police forces

  • Fire and rescue services

  • Ministerial government departments

  • Non-ministerial government departments

  • Executive agencies of government;

  • Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs), including advisory NDPBs, executive NDPBs, and tribunal NDPBs;

  • Assembly Sponsored Public Bodies (ASPBs)

  • Maritime and coastguard agency services

  • Hospices

  • National Parks

  • Housing associations, including registered social landlords

  • Third sector and charities

  • Citizens advice bodies

  • Public corporations

  • Public financial bodies or institutions

  • Public pension funds

  • Central banks

  • Civil service bodies, including public sector buying organisations

  • Channel Islands Public Sector bodies

  • Isle of Man Government Health and Public Services

  • Government Departments, agencies and public bodies

  • Any organisation listed in the ONS public sector classification guide

  • Any body listed in Schedule 1 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015

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