Sarah Price, Associate
Sarah is an experienced nurse, leader and teacher/educator who leads in clinical practice and education by empowering, motivating and inspiring others. 
Sarah has worked with Facere Melius on the following assignments:
  • Safer Staffing training
Sarah has also worked independently on:
  • Project Lead for return of divested Mandatory training service
  • Lead for hosting and undertaking Health Education England and NHSI projects and initiatives e.g. mental health first aid, paramedic project, introduction of new roles within Trusts i.e. Nurse Associates Fast follower site
  • Led local project initiatives and development plans within Trust e.g. Local Assistant Practitioner Programme (Nominated for HEE innovation Award, web based practice portfolio, team mentorship (Nominated for HEE innovation Award), successful NHSI bid to increase placement capacity, development of improved education quality framework
  • Developed local talent pool working with HEE
  • Developed CQC quality enhancement plan and key deliverables, identified as being 'a beacon of good practice and providing effective and consistent leadership' (CQC 2016)
  • Improved quality of skills training with development of a multi professional skills academy
  • Development of management development programme #Fit to Lead
  • Developed plan and assisted delivery for coaching for increased performance plan
  • Implemented new HEE workforce funding framework