Facere Melius (FM) has a strong track record of working successfully with organisations in 'special measures' here is a case study of the work we undertake:


  • The trust serves a population of 240,000 across the English/Welsh border

  • Vacancies 24, 17% of nursing costs is on agency staff

  • The number of people of leaving month on month is higher than those joining the Trust

  • End of year deficit (Mar 16) £19, this reported as £17m at month 6 with a projected worst-case scenario deficit of £40m (includes 3.5m fines and 3.4m financial recovery plan).



The trust was put into special measures in October 2014 following a CQC Inspection in June 2014 which rated them as inadequate for Safety, Responsive and Well-Led. This followed by a further inspection in September 2015 (published Jan 2016) where they were assessed as inadequate for Safety and Responsive. In January 2016 the Trust commissioned GGI to complete a Rapid Review of quality governance, the majority of this review was completed by Darren Thorne, Director of Facere Melius. The rapid review made over 60 recommendations for improvement.


Quality Governance Turnaround


In May 2016 the Trust commissioned the development and delivery of a quality governance transformation programme. The programme was developed by Darren Thorne and was delivered in two phases with additional interim support in phase two. 


Key elements of the programme included; patient safety, quality strategy and quality improvement, sustainability, integrating systems and quality governance assurance and engaging stakeholders.


Patient Safety

  • safety campaigns

  • incident reporting 

  • SI management

  • learning lessons (do once and share)



Quality Strategy and Quality Improvement

  • quality strategy

  • quality improvement

  • quality surveillance



  • board development

  • corporate quality and safety support

  • quality and safety workforce review

  • divisional and directorate development

  • Staff induction


Integrated Systems and Quality Governance Assurance

  • board to ward assurance

  • board and committees

  • risk management IT systems (Datix, Ulysees)


Engaging Stakeholders

  • commissioners

  • provider partners

  • system-wide quality and safety



Our Experience


  • Provided turnaround support to NHS trust, moving their assessment from 'Inadequate' to 'Requires Improvement'

  • Provided immediate support to the Integrated trust of being placed into special measures




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