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Approved NHS Framework Provider

Specialising in independent investigations, well-led governance reviews and governance improvement.


Our Services


Patient Safety Training

Patient Safety Incident Response Framework

We have developed training courses to support providers to prepare, transition and work under the new Patient Safety Incident Response Framework.

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Improvement & Review Work

We work collaboratively with boards supporting the development and alignment of good governance across the wider organisation so there is a true line of sight and understanding board to ward.

Investigation Work - Facere-Melius

Investigation Work

Our investigations and reviews are robust, proportionate, evidence-based and supported by the most up to date examples of good practice.

Trainign and Development - Facere-Melius

Training & Development

The Governance Academy by Facere-Melius has been developed after years of expertise undertaking independent investigations in the public sector.


About Us

Facere Melius (FM) means to make better. We are a Healthcare Improvement Consultancy which offers unique combination of insight, innovation and experience. Masters in corporate, quality, and safety governance we bespoke our support to client need, evolving our delivery plans as we understand the heart of the problem.


We are an approved NHS framework provider for NHS Independent Investigations, well-led governance reviews and governance improvement.


We work with organisations that want to achieve excellence or for those in challenging situations.


We specialise in:​​

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