Boards have a duty to conduct their affairs effectively and demonstrate sound and transparent decision making. This includes ensuring measurable outcomes that build patient, public and stakeholder confidence that their organisations are providing high quality, sustainable care.  In-depth, regular and externally facilitated reviews of governance are good practice across all industries.  These reviews should identify the areas of governance within organisations that would benefit from further targeted development work to secure and sustain future performance. 


“Ensure governance processes are fit for purpose, support those responsible for service delivery and result in improved safety and effectiveness.” 1


External input is vital to safeguard against the optimism bias and groupthink, to which even the best organisations may be susceptible. 

We have successfully delivered corporate and governance reviews, helping organisations to achieve rapid improvement.  We have also worked with Commissioner organisations who have been placed into Legal Directions for Governance.


How we can help

We will deepen the organisation’s understanding of its quality governance through objective and constructive review and challenge, to identify key recommendations for sustainable improvement.  Our aim is to facilitate maximum value for money through skill transfer and knowledge sharing. 

“Most staff in services were unclear on the leadership and 

the governance structure of their service”1


Facere Melius has experience of working quickly and efficiently with organisations to review their quality governance systems, processes and behaviours assessing:

  • the leadership, capacity and capability to deliver high-quality sustainable care

  • if there is a clear vision and credible strategy to both provide high quality, sustainable care to people, and robust plans to deliver

  • if there is the right culture to deliver high-quality sustainable care

  • if there are clear responsibilities, roles and systems of accountability to support good governance and management

  • if there are clear and effective processes for managing risks, issues and performance

  • if appropriate and accurate information is being effectively processed, challenged and acted on

  • if there are robust systems for learning, continuous improvement and innovation.


“Ensure the effectiveness of governance arrangements and the 

board is consistently informed of and cited on risks”1 


Our approach

We work collaboratively with boards supporting the development and alignment of good governance across the wider organisation so there is a true line of sight and understanding board to ward.  We have developed tools to assess and measure through observations, interviews, focus groups and surveys.  We will also review key documents. 


Key areas that will be assessed:

  • Boards consideration of quality and safety

  • Effectiveness of quality and safety board committee and sub-groups

  • Effectiveness of divisional arrangements in the identification and management of quality governance

  • Review of corporate support across the organisation 


Key functions to review will include: incident management, risk management, clinical effectiveness, Patient Safety, learning lessons, clinical improvement (audit), complaints management, quality improvement and clinical quality management.

We have quality governance leaders and expert analysts who can coach your team through our diagnostic, enabling self-reflection.


Our experience

  • A quality governance review providing recommendations against the best practice - University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

  • Review of Clinical Governance with recommendations to clinical services - Commissioning Support Unit



1 Pennine Acute Hospital Foundation Trust