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Improvement & Review Work

We work collaboratively with boards supporting the development and alignment of good governance across the wider organisation so there is a true line of sight and understanding board to ward.

Work Areas

Quality Governance Reviews

We identify areas of governance within your organisation that would benefit from further targeted development work to secure and sustain future performance.

Corporate Governance Reviews

Corporare reviews by FaceMelius will help you safeguard against the optimism bias and groupthink, to which even the best organisations may be susceptible.

Well-led Reviews

We have been appointed to the NHS SBS framework for well-led governance reviews and governance improvement across the public sector.

Risk Management Improvement

Good risk management supported by a good risk management system are both a ‘must have’ to get a good well-led and safety ratings.  

Complaints Improvement

Good patient safety systems supported by an open safety culture are both a ‘must have’ to get a good safety rating. 

Incident Management

We work collaboratively at Board and Executive level supporting the development of Incident Management Frameworks and their alignment to the wider organisation risk and improvement processes.

"We valued Facere Melius teams patience and support and found them to be adept at communicating.  They had a natural enthusiasm for the governance field and their expertise was imparted in a way that was always interesting, informative and enjoyable."

Governance & Risk Manager, CCG

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